Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm a little giddy

Yes, I'll admit, I can get pretty excited about the littlest things. My husband teases me because I'm a little girl at times. I had one of those moments just now when I got on my blog--- I had a comment!!! And there's more--- I have 2 followers!! How exciting! So thanks, to my aunt (who has added several titles to my reading list) and to a fellow MOPS mom for causing my moment of giddiness. Thanks also to Rhonda for tellling me to stop being a chicken. A giddy chicken.....what a sight!

Back to my book----

J Renee


  1. Hello Jennifer-

    When do you find the time to make a blog and work and read all these books and do the daily things at home??? Amazing!
    The book you read in 2010.. Deeper Water. The title sounds interesting. Did you like it? I am needing a new book to read.

  2. I love blogs, yeah for you Jennifer. I am just wondering if you have reviews for the books you have read in 2009, some of them sound awesome. Happy Blogging:)

  3. Dear Daughter--first time I ever visited a blog site! A different world--but sure glad to be able to follow your reading/reviews instead of trying to remember to ask you where I can read what you write! Mom