Friday, January 22, 2010

A Few Extra Thoughts

I wanted to tell everyone that Susan May Warren is a great writer and a fun person. I had the opportunity to learn from her at the Quad-Cities'Christian Writers' Conference ( Susan is has an upbeat personality that just let's everyone know that she is fun to be around. She has a nice website you can check out too:

Here are a few books that have been recommended to me through my blog. These books are for all you suburbanites, especially.
  • Justice in the Burbs by Lisa & Will Samson
  • Death by Suburb by David Goetz
  • Never Mind the Joneses by Tim Stafford
If anyone else has a book they think everyone should read, let me know and I'll pass along the info. Who isn't looking for a good read? And if you're really passionate about a particular book maybe you'd be interested in being a guest reviewer on my blog. That'd be kind of fun!

Back to my book---

J Renee

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