Friday, September 30, 2011

It Couldn't Just Happen by Lawrence O. Richards

I can’t wait to use It Couldn’t Just Happen to teach my children the truth about creation and evolution. Richards has written a comprehensive text for kids in the 9-13 age range that regards God’s creation and God’s word as the ultimate truth. Questions about dinosaurs, the Big Bang Theory, humans evolving from apes, and any other question your child will ever ask is addressed in Richards’ book.  
Richards wrote the book in classic textbook form but left out the boring and blah. This book captures your attention from your first glance at the cover. Pages are not filled with words alone; pictures abound with captions that add intrigue. This book will hold the attention of kids with ease, not to mention the very readable language. Plus the “Just for Fun” section at the end of each chapter supplies additional questions for kids to ponder, research suggestions to further explore the topic and some sort of biblical or God-centered question.

What I particularly enjoyed about It Couldn’t Just Happen was the direct approach to disproving evolution. Richards is quite frank and unapologetic about proving Evolutionists’ theories incorrect without being disrespectful or demeaning. I appreciate his boldness and confidence. It Couldn’t Just Happen makes it very clear that this world and everything in it did not just happen.

I envision this book being a useful resource in several settings including homeschooling, Sunday School and even a study parents do along with their child. Grab a copy and your kids and start learning just how awesome creation is!

I received a complimentary copy of It Couldn't Just Happen from Thomas Nelson Publishers as a participant in their book review blogger program.