Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hook Line and Sinker

Susan May Warren has a gift for making Christianity and romance come together to create wholesome reading with purpose. With characters that live Godly lives and strive for Godly relationships, Hook, Line and Sinker is a perfect example of this gift.

Hook, Line and Sinker has a cast of college kids who attend a Christian college while trying to raise money for an organization. For a new fundraiser, students set off to Deep Haven to participate in a fishing contest. The guy heading up the event and the girl dragging her feet just happen to have a history together that left them on less than friendly terms. As the events of the fishing contest take place over a few days these two young loves are forced to spend time together and realize the truth behind their relationship.

I enjoy reading novellas and yet for the very reason I enjoy them I also dislike them. Due to the shorter word count author’s must get right to the point—no dilly dallying. This fact makes every word and page count and it makes for attention-grabbing reading. There are no dull moments when reading novellas. I have great appreciation for that but, I miss the development and teasing element that comes with a longer book. Novels allow the author more time to detour or go haywire for awhile. The extra drama also keeps me reading. Whether I read a short story or full length novel I am equally satisfied, it’s just a different kind of gratification.

Hook, Line and Sinker will reel you in and before you know it you’ll be fishing for another novella.

I received a complimentary digital copy of Hook, Line and Sinker as a participant in Tyndale's blogging program.

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