Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quest for the Nail Prints by Don Furr

Furr’s debut novel, Quest for the Nail Prints, is a gripping tale of three people from modern era who find themselves following Jesus around for the few days before his crucifixion. These three individuals do not know each other prior to traveling on the same flight to Israel and they have no inkling how much this trip will change their lives.

When I read the summary of Furr’s book I thought it would prove to be hokie and shallow. Time travel and such tom foolery is not what I typically choose to read. Then I started reading the book and discovered I couldn’t put it down.

At the very beginning Furr states, “A fictitious account of an actual event….” I thoroughly enjoy reading books based on biblical events where the author adds interpretation and details not provided in the Bible. In that regard, Quest for the Nail Prints seemed at home on my bookshelf. Fictitious accounts of actual events enhance the factual, add drama and force the reader to think about something well-known in an all new way. Quest for the Nail Prints is exactly what I expect with this type of book.

As for the time travel and other potentially hokie scenarios, it turns out the story flows smoothly with no awkwardness. Furr handles the switch from modern-day to ancient-day and back with ease. Most of the book is set in Jesus’ time so it was easy to forget how we even got there. There are plenty of twists and unforeseen details that keep the reader intrigued. The characters are well developed and dialogue flows nicely. Quest for the Nail Prints brings to life in a totally new way the story of Christ. Furr wrote an excellent adventure.

I received a complimentary copy of Quest for the Nail Prints in exchange for a review.

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