Monday, June 20, 2011

Love & War Devotional For Couples by John & Stasi Eldredge

A devotion time with my husband has been, well, a struggle. You see, I’m married to a truck driver who is gone a few nights a week. And reading a devotion over the phone is less than fulfilling. So, Love & War was up against a few obstacles from the get go and I’m happy to say the book has conquered them all.

John and Stasi have written this 8-week devotional book as a sidekick to their book, Love & War. I have not read that book and can verify that it is not a prerequisite to the devotional. Each devotion begins with a scripture verse that is followed by John and Stasi’s words. A prayer and concluding verse complete the day’s reading. Once a week there is a brief exercise; something for you and your spouse to discuss. Along with the reading being brief each day, we also appreciate the short-term commitment this book requires.

The format of this book is different from other devotionals for couples my husband and I have (unsuccessfully) tried. Each week is dedicated to one theme and each week consists of five devotions. This may not seem like much of a difference but, having five devotions per week rather than the typical seven has been a key to our success in sticking with the book. As I mentioned, my husband is gone two nights a week so a five-day week works well for us. For other people it may work well to skip devotions on the weekends. We don’t feel like we’re behind; it’s ok to not do devotions a couple nights. It’s nice not having the psychological pressure and guilt of always being behind.

Another positive element of Love & War is the low key approach. The devotions are not preachy or condemning. We don’t feel like John & Stasi are telling us our marriage is a mess. If anything, they help the readers feel good about their marriage being a mess and reassure them others have the same trials and shortcomings.

If my husband and I can successfully complete this devotion book, anyone can!

I received a copy of Love & War Devotional for Couples from WaterBrook Press as a participant in their blogging for books program.

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  1. Hi, J. Renee, this sounds like a winner! But before I'll go out and purchase it, we need to get to the devotional we already bought ... months ago! It's supposed to be easy as well. But my husband is dragging his feet.
    Blessings ~ Danie