Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters by Any Andrews

What is the butterfly effect? In essence it is the scientifically proven theory that one small event triggers another and so on until the end result is something far more significant or life changing.

Two examples of the butterfly effect and how they changed the lives of billions of people are presented in The Butterfly Effect. The first is Chamberlain leading the battle at Gettysburg. Andrews states that because that battle was won, the South didn’t win the war, the nation remained one nation which made it possible for the United States to be successful during WWII.

The second example is the story of a couple of men who hybridized corn and wheat to grow well in arid climates. The chain of events, actions and people surrounding this scenario eventually lead to saving billions of lives through the grain grown.

Yes, these historical stories are interesting and yes, I believe the actions of one individual can dramatically change the life of another. However, I do not believe in the power of self that this book promotes. Furthermore, I was waiting for the author to acknowledge the Source of these achievements. The recognition was not to be read which left me disappointed with the book. This ripple effect of events and situations involving humans is allowed by the grace of God and for the glory God, not the glory of one man. Andrews is correct, your life does matter. It matters because God created it to matter.

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